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Denizli Terlik, Denizli Ev Terlik, Denizli Otel Tekstili, Denizli Spa&Hamam Ürünleri


About Us

Zirve Terlik

Our Company was established as hotel slippers manufac­turer once we started first our business in 2016. Our manu­facturing capacity has increased ten times more our num­ber of employees and business technology with a covered area of 1000m2 and uncovered area of 900m2, Slippers, guest amenities, hotel linens (towels, bathrobes, bed sheets, duvet covers, loincloth) are the manufacturing factöry. Hotels, hospitals, spa, sauna and Turkish baths is used in the production of personal products. European countries duty-free goods delivery logistics distri­bution are organized.

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